Beautifully Written

A Christmas tradition that unites us all is SONG. Music is front and center in this season, What is unique is that leading up to that first Christmas, the power of song was central for those who were waiting for Jesus to arrive. In the Gospel of Luke, in chapters 1 and 2, there are four songs that are beautifully written, drawing us into the heart of God. Maybe the heart of these songs might become one of our greatest traditions we come to love. Scripture:

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I'm Fine - Tupelo

We often are asked how we are doing. Often times we respond with a simple “I’m fine.” But the reality is, many of us aren’t fine. We are people who are filled with a whole host of emotions. Anger, jealousy, pride. Anxious, depressed, lonely. Guilt and shame...and this list goes on and on. What if we had the courage to tear off the masks and admit we're not fine? What could happen if we got honest about our emotions? In the weeks ahead we will find comfort in knowing God cares about our emotions and how we feel. We will learn that God not only cares, but wants to work through them, heal us, and make us whole. That's what Jesus desires.

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