Local Missions

At The Orchard, we believe in coming alongside nonprofits who are already doing incredible work in our region - organizations like The Salvation Army, Parkgate Pregnancy Clinic, and The Hunger Coalition. If you are interested in finding a way to serve there are a few listed below.

For more information, email Merissa Rambo.

St. Luke Food Pantry

At The Orchard, we believe in coming alongside nonprofits who are already doing incredible work in our region - like the St. Luke Food Pantry. The St. Luke Food Pantry can not function without its 20-25 volunteer workforce who serves guests each Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until noon 50 weeks a year. 

Community Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to specific ways to serve, The Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service has created a Hub for all non-profit volunteer needs in our community and region. Many of our local mission partners are listed as a part of this opportunity finder.

Orchard Church Missions

Occasionally there are special projects or mission opportunities that present themselves within our church and community. If you would be interested in learning more or joining a contact list of people who are interested in serving in the future, please complete the short form.


Summers.a.l.t. is a nonprofit reading program that focuses on early childhood literacy, created and hosted by The Orchard each June. There are many ways to be involved - from being a corporate sponsor of the program, volunteering for the program, to providing meals for teachers. If this is something you would like to be more involved in, you'll find information on the Summers.a.l.t. website each year, beginning in May.

International Missions

Our partner in Ecuador is Foundation Elohim. Foundation Elohim works with children in 3 different regions of Ecuador, providing them food and spiritual education. The Orchard organizes annual mission trips to Ecuador, as well as gives financial support to Foundation Elohim.

Rick and Mary Ervin are The Orchard's missionary partners with Branching Out in Nicaragua. They have been part of The Orchard family for many years. Rick, a veterinarian, and Mary, a nurse, work in remote villages, alongside lay trained health promoters, providing services to humans, animals, and crops. 

The Orchard is excited to now partner with Compassion International. Compassion's primary focus is child sponsorship. Through a holistic approach to child development, their goal is to carefully blend physical, social, economic, and spiritual care together in Jesus' name.