Home for Christmas

This season, we remember the promise that God is not distant or detached. He has come to be WITH us. Whatever we are going through, Christmas holds this promise: In our weariness and our brokenness, in our joy and celebration we are not alone. He is WITH us wherever we are. 

We recognize many will be gathering with family, friends, and loved ones this Christmas so we wanted to create a way to celebrate Christmas morning not limited to one location or service. We worked to create an opportunity that we could worship in every home, apartment, or car ride where people might be enjoying the day! Together, in places near and far, we will worship and celebrate as we remember that God has come to be WITH US.

You can stream ✨Home For Christmas✨ on-demand anytime December 25. The video resource service will be available on Facebook, YouTube & on this page of our website.

If you will be unable to stream the service due to internet connectivity, you can download the video by clicking the button below.

To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do the things no one else is doing.