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Orchard Lingo

At the Orchard we say and do things a little differently than other churches that you may have attended in the past. This is just a small list of words and phrases that may seem a little different.

Worship Space – We call the place where we worship our Worship Space not the Sanctuary.

Connection Point – Located in the back of the Worship Space, it is just that… a place to connect to the church. Leaders of any activity that is going will frequently be in the Connection Point after service to provide information to people who are interested.

Volunteer Central – This area is located to the left of the worship space. Hospitality Volunteers gather here on Sunday mornings to get things rolling before service. Orchard Hospitality… Making Church Feel Like Home

Butler Wing – This is the area to the left of the worship space that houses Sprout Patch & Grow Zone student ministries.

North Coley Wing – This is the area to the right of the worship space that houses Kickstart, Uprising and C27 student ministries.

Please Don’t Give – If you are new here we are glad that you decided to come and worship with us. We ask that you don’t give unless you are moved to do so.  The time of offering is primarily for those who call the Orchard their home.

The Toilet Paper – We refer to the advertisements on the  bathroom door as The Toilet Paper for obvious reasons. The Toilet Paper contains information on all the activities that are going on at the Orchard.

Podcast – We record and archive our services and make them available as podcast to make hearing the message more convenient for people who are on the go!

LiveStream – LiveStream is another way the Orchard makes it easier for you to hear the message. Services are streamed out live on Sunday morning. All the services are also archived so if you can’t watch at a specific time you can go back and watch when its best for your schedule.