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Welcome To C27!

At Orchard C27 we combine everything that is great about worshiping in a large group and the deep conversations that happen in small groups. The first Wednesday of every month we gather together corporately at Origins to worship and hear from the Word. The rest of the weeks of the month are spent in small groups that are divided by age group. We believe that having amazing Christian mentors is important for the spiritual growth of teenagers. Every small group has great adult leaders who typically spend years mentoring the same group of young people. We meet every week from 6:30-8:00 whether at First Wednesday or in small groups.

Greg Turner
Greg TurnerMinister to Senior High

Message From the Ministry Leader

After 7 years of working with our UpRising, middle school ministry here at The Orchard, I am very excited to begin a new adventure working with our C27, high school ministry.

 C27 is the High School ministry for the the Orchard Tupelo campus. Our hope for our students and adult leaders is to be able to start and build meaningful relationships with God and with each other, and to serve in the life of The Orchard and world around us. We work to provide opportunities to serve through mission work and service projects to become better disciples of Christ. Through worship and conversation we explore our faith and equip students with what it takes to live a Christ-filled life. Our desire is that everyone involved with C27 might encounter Christ in a new way so that all of us may grow together and in discipleship to God.
 Our meeting time is most Wednesdays during the school year from 6:30-8:00pm.
Our meeting locations and typical nights are as follows:
  • On the 1st Wednesday of every month we will meet at our Origins site located in Midtown Point Shopping Center. On these nights we will eat together, followed by games, worship, & teaching.
  • On all other Wednesday nights of the month, we will meet in homes in the area for snacks, teaching, and small group discussion. There will also be nights in which we may serve somewhere in the community.
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