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MSU Graduate 1988 with emphasis in Graphic Design
Moved to Tupelo and began work as a designer in local businesses and as freelance designer from 1988-2002
In 1990 I became a mom for the first time, and then again in 1992 – my greatest joy and job!
Part of the core group of The Orchard in 1998
2002, joined the Orchard staff as Creative Director – still here!
Love this family and all that God has orchestrated in my life to bring me to this place, where I get to watch Him do some incredible things in and through people that I love! No better job on earth.

I LOVE to watch movies.
I LIKE to read – don’t love it.
I LOVE music – most all genres.
I grew up loving, yes loving, Barbara Streisand – know every word to “A Star is Born” Album Soundtrack – though I wasn’t old enough to actually see that movie – and wanting to sing like her. Yes, I’m old.
I’ve worked most of my life as a designer, but never thought of myself as an artist – paint/draw – I’d like to do that some day.